Limitless Applications

Our vision is to enable the manufacturing of novel displays, disrupt advanced semiconductor packaging and accelerate the adoption of 3D printing for a multitude of applications.

50 µm

Novel Display Technologies

Electrostatic printing is able to solve ongoing issues in the realization of next-generation microLED displays and at the same time is able to greatly simplify the production of current OLED or LCD display technology. For example, the resolution and layer thickness control of Scrona’s technology allows the printing of quantum dots color filters for high-brightness, full-color micro LED displays in augmented reality glasses for gaming and metaverse applications.
“Semiconductor packaging has never been more critical”
(Majeed Ahmad, EE Times, 2021).

Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

Transistor- and chip-scaling is gradually reaching its (economical) limit. The next phase of semiconductor innovation to increase device performance and energy efficiency will strongly rely on novel IC packaging techniques, a trend which has become known as “More than Moore”. The opportunities of additive electrostatic printing in this field are very wide, ranging from wafer/chip marking, bumping, via filling or direct patterning of redistribution layers. For latter, Scrona’s printing engine with sub-micrometer resolution and line aspect ratios larger than 10:1 is an ideal match with the potential to reduce the cost 10x compared to conventional photolithographic fabrication.

3D Printing

3D printing is quickly gaining ground in many markets due to its flexibility, customizability, and potential towards manufacturing very complex parts. Through the combination of high throughput, sub-micrometer resolution, and very precise layer thickness control down to the single nanometer, Scrona’s electrostatic printing for example opens new possibilities in micro-optics, where precisely controlled and smooth 3D surfaces are critical. Additionally, multi-material printing enables the fabrication of gradient-index elements with enhanced optical performance.

Other applications

As a platform technology, Scrona’s electrostatic MEMS printheads may transform manufacturing in many additional areas such as security printing, diagnostics & life science, photovoltaics and more, and enable the fabrication of completely new products.


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