Scrona has developed a print engine that brings the ultra-high resolution capability of electrostatic printing into a scalable multi-nozzle MEMS chip with digital control. The unique combination of high resolution and high throughput will reinvent micromanufacturing.

Novel Additive
Manufacturing Technology

Benefits of the Scrona EHD Technology

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Ultra-high resolution printing 100x better than conventional inkjet.

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In addition to inkjet compatible, thin fluids our printheads can process materials that are 100 times more viscous.

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3D Printing

Stackable, high aspect ratio printing greater than 10:1 in combination with layer thickness control in the nanometer range.

Smallest Color Photo

Scrona holds the world record for the smallest ever printed color photo.

This image fits on the cross section of a strain of human hair.

Smallest Color Photo Ever Printed

Latest news

Zurich, Switzerland - June 5, 2024

Scrona Appoints Dr. Patrick Heissler as New CEO.

Scrona AG, a leading additive manufacturing startup known for holding the world record for the smallest printed color image, has announced the appointment of Dr. Patrick Heissler as its new CEO. Scrona Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Galliker will become CTO and focus on the next evolution of the technology. Scrona Co-Founder Dr. Julian Schneider will become CPO and focus on the industrialization of Scrona's technology.

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