We are

Swiss, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Canadian, German, Ukrainian, American

we are enthusiastic about innovating micro-manufacturing and pushing existing boundaries

Who we are

Scrona is a spin-off from ETH Zurich, one of the top 10 global research universities. Scrona has developed the world’s first MEMS based electrostatic printing platform.

Our multi-nozzle printheads can digitally print the impossible with sub-micrometer precision, on any material and at scale, improving and speeding manufacturing for today and tomorrow’s products.


Expand the boundaries of current inkjet and 3D printing technologies to gate new product inventions that can be manufactured economically and eco-friendly


To establish our additive technology as a sustainable critical component in mass manufacturing of semiconductors, displays, PCB, and more


production of completely new products and components.


complex and wasteful manufacturing of existing products.


the ongoing transition towards additive manufacturing.

What we want to do

More information about our Technology to be shared soon


We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a great syndicate of expert investors and supporters:

Board of Directors

Patrick Galliker

Kurt Weingarten

Julian Schneider

Lukas Knecht

Dieter Manz