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We offer Joint Development Projects that can be tailored to specific customer and industry requirements. The Scrona LabPrinter, equipped with our newest printheads, is available in cooperation with Notion-Systems. This precision tool has been designed for cutting edge R&D in additive microfabrication.


We re-engineered our internal printing platform for printhead testing and delivered first systems in 2021. In the future, this system will be manufactured and sold by Notion-Systems and greatly benefit from Notion’s know-how in manufacturing high end printing systems.

  • Precision granite machine base on vibration isolation platform
  • Precision XY substrate stage, linear motor drive
  • High resolution optics and camera system
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Positioning accuracy:
    1 µm
  • Positioning repeatability:
    50 nm
  • Printing area:
    150 mm x 150 mm
  • Printing resolution:
    <1 µm (depending on ink material)

Offering for
Equipment Companies


Get in touch to discuss your specific printing and additive manufacturing requirements and how the Scrona print engine can be integrated into your systems. Benefit from our internal printhead MEMS development and fabrication in an ISO 6 microfabrication facility.

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Offering for
Product OEMs

Expand the boundaries of your incumbent production processes. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities for your current and future product lineup. We perform your material and application tests in our internal application lab in an ISO 7 cleanroom environment.

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